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Lavash for barbecue


Lavash is the national bread of the Caucasus. But this pastry is incredibly popular in Ukraine, thanks to its excellent taste and benefits. It is quite difficult to find older bread than we all know fresh and incredibly tasty cakes of Armenia. Their name in Armenian means "delicious food". Due to the high fiber content, the cake has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract.
Product weight:
200 g
Quantity in the package:
2 pcs
278.81 Кcал
57.96 g (г)
8.54 g (г)
0.93 g (г)

Product composition:

wheat flour of the highest grade, prepared water, table salt, adjika, tomato paste, a mixture of herbs and spices.
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The company "Persha Private Bakery" is the leader in the production of thin lavash without piece barvniks and preservatives. Our products are successfully sold in the skin of the country.