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Tortilla with Provencal herbs


Tortillas are used instead of a spoon, soaking them in the sauce before eating. Toasted cakes are made in the form of a roll or canape, used as a base for sandwiches, pies or pizza.
Product weight:
265 g
Quantity in the package:
4 pcs
338,11 Кcал
61,09 g (г)
8,68 g (г)
5,87 g (г)

Product composition:

Ingredients: wheat flour, prepared water, table salt, sugar, refined sunflower oil, baking powder, ammonia salt, moisture-retaining agent glycerin, flour improver "Soft N Fresh" Bordeaux (wheat flour, emulsifiers: mono- and diglycers) sodium lactylate, stabilizer calcium carbonate, technological aids: enzymes (amylase), baking improver "Mazhemiko" with a green label I | RI amino acid L-cysteine, technological aids: enzymes xylanase, amylase, lipase); dried tomatoes crushed - 0.02 96, dried paprika crushed), acidity regulator: malic acid, citric acid; guar gum stabilizer.Contains GLUTEN
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The company "Persha Private Bakery" is the leader in the production of thin lavash without piece barvniks and preservatives. Our products are successfully sold in the skin of the country.