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Tortilla with tomatoes and paprika


Mexican corn tortillas are widely used in Mexican cuisine as a stand-alone dish, as well as for cooking rolls, burritos, fajitas, enchiladas and other types of hot and cold dishes. When heated in an oven or microwave, the tortilla becomes softer and lush. When frying in a pan without oil, the tortilla does not dry, but is covered with a crispy crust. When fried in oil or deep-fried tortilla is blown away by "bubbles" and becomes crispy.
Product weight:
265 g
Quantity in the package:
4 pcs
348,87 Кcал
60,13 g (г)
8,71 g (г)
7,48 g (г)

Product composition:

Ingredients: wheat flour, corn flour - 2596, prepared water, table salt, sugar, refined soybean oil, baking powder, ammonia salt, moisture-retaining agent glycerin, flour improver "Soft'N Fresh" Bordeaux (wheat flour: monopoly, emu- and diglycerides of fatty acids, sodium lactylate, stabilizer calcium carbonate, technological aids: enzymes "Mazhemico" with a green label LPL (wheat flour, stabilizer calcium carbonate, emulsifier glycerol ester, diacetyltin and fatty acid L, and antioxidant cysteine, technological aids: enzymes (xylanases, amylase, lipase), acidity regulators: malic acid, citric acid, stabilizer.Contains GLUTEN
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