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Recipes with lavash

Pizza on lavash

15 min
Cooking time:
15 min
4 servings


Step 1. To make a pizza with a diameter of 24 cm, cut two circles of the same size from the sheets of thin Armenian pita with scissors, exactly corresponding to the form for baking. To do this, it will be convenient to first outline the contour of the reverse side of the knife, placing the form with the bottom directly on the pita. And then, along the contour, already cut.

Step 2. In order for the pizza not to burn, you need to grease the form with sunflower oil or use quality parchment for baking. Put the first circle of pita bread in the form. Grate one third of the cheese on top. If you have lavash scraps left, it's time to spread them evenly over the cheese.

Step 3. Then lay out the second circle of pita bread. The base is ready! The cheese will firmly stick to the base and will not allow it to dry too quickly during baking. Grease the base with tomato sauce. And lay out the sausage on top. Sausage and cheese are the base of taste for this pizza. Therefore, they can be spared.

Step 4. Wash the pepper and shake off excess moisture. Peel an onion. Both vegetables need to be shredded into very thin rings. Literally from 2 to 3 mm. Since the pizza will bake in record time, the vegetables must be as thin as possible to have time to reach readiness. Distribute the peppers and onions on the base.

Step 5. Grate the remaining two thirds of the cheese on top. Cheese is the last layer in this pizza. And this is no accident. So the pizza will come out with a ruddy cheese crust. Bake the pizza in a preheated oven to one hundred and eighty degrees for a maximum of seven minutes. It is dangerous to bake it longer, as pita bread can dry out and become very hard and brittle.


Thin lavash:

180 g

Semi-smoked sausage:

120 g


100 g

Tomato sauce:

3 tbsp.


30 g



Nutritional value:


271 kcal


12 g


14 g


23 g


24 / 29 / 47

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