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Recipes with lavash

Spinners with pumpkin from lavash

20 min
Cooking time:
25 min
6 servings


Delicate, fragrant cake for pumpkin lovers! Vertuta comes from Moldova. In the original, it is prepared from puff pastry, but the puff pastry takes a lot of time when it is not there, you can use pita bread, it will be, of course, not quite that, but very tasty!

Step 1. Prepare the ingredients
Step 2. For the filling, grind the pumpkin with a blender (or just grate)
Step 3. You do not need to grind into a puree.
Step 4. Pumpkin mixed with sugar, add dried fruit and orange peel.
Step 5. Melt the butter. Grease with pita bread (do not spare the oil).
Step 6. On half of the pita spread part of the filling and turn into a roll. We also do with the second pita.
Step 7. Together, we get 2 rolls. In the original, the vertuta should be in the form of a snail, but to roll the pita into a snail is quite problematic, as it just starts to burst at the seams, so cut the rolls at the level of the part.
Step 8. Spread the rolls in a baking dish.
Step 9. Mix the cream with the egg. Thoroughly mix our rolls with a creamy mixture. Lubricate several times as the mixture is absorbed.
Step 10. Send to bake in a preheated oven to 190 C, about 20-25 minutes. 5 minutes before cooking, I lightly grease the vertuta with cream and sprinkle with sugar (but it is not necessary to do so, you can just sprinkle the finished vertuta with sugar). Let the cake cool and serve. Bon Appetit!

Vertuta with pumpkin turns out very tasty, tender and juicy, but as they say to the amateur, as not everyone likes pumpkin. You can add an apple to the pumpkin filling (they are good friends with the pumpkin), as well as nuts, lemon peel, cinnamon and a little ground ginger, in general there is a field for experiments.


Thin lavash:

200 g


1 pc


50 ml

Vershkov oil:

50 g

Mixture of dried fruits:

50 g

Orange peel:

1 tsp


250 g


2 tbsp.

Nutritional value:


187 kcal


2 g


12 g


20 g


6 / 35 / 59

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